1. Beautiful Vietnam.l

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  2. The grand entrance to Vietnam’s First Emperor’s Tomb.

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  3. Mountain ranges in Sapa, Vietnam.

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  4. The majestic view of Sapa, Vietnam.

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  5. Rice terraces, Sapa.

    Totally worth the 2 hour hike up and down the knolls in the rain.

  6. A boat ride after visiting the Phong Nha Cave, Vietnam.

  7. A bay view, Vietnam.

  8. Fishing village along the coast line, Vietnam.

  9. Morning sunrise over the Padi fields, Hoi An.

  10. Ice man making his daily delivery, Vietnam.

  11. Bustling city of Ho Chi Minh.

  12. Ceramic workshop, Vietnam.

  13. Reflection.


  14. Anonymous said: Post a photo of yourself, you have amazing works.

    Sorry, anon. This space is strictly for my photography works only. But there are other ways to see my photos on other platforms though (:
    Nonetheless, thanks for the compliment! It means a lot to me.

  15. Cafes along a row of shophouses, Singapore.