2. Eclipse, one of a kind.

    A memorable, once in a lifetime experience. Shot from another hot air balloon. Turkey, 2011.

  3. Turkish ceramics, 2011.

  4. The Dome of Two Religions.
    Turkey, 2011.

    This mosque struck me the most during my trip to Istanbul because of its rich history. This monument was originally a mosque before it was turned into a church when crusaders took over it. However, with the rise of the Ottoman Empire later on, this monument fell back into the hands of the Muslims. Strikingly enough, if you look closely to the bottom left corner of the dome, you would see that the Christians had painted the face of Jesus onto the walls (actually onto all four corners of the dome). But when the Muslims took it over again, they attempted to conceal the faces of Jesus by nicely covering the faces up. This gesture was rather symbolic as the Muslims could had easily repainted the entire wall or just took down the painting, but they had the respect for other religions too. We need the same amount of respect now more than ever; that respect even at times of war. 

  5. One of the alleys through a wet market in Singapore.

    Unlike the contemporary supermarkets that are air-conditioned with endless rows of shelves filled with grocery and food from every corner of the world, wet markets are found in the heartland of Singapore. It is situated right at the core of our community interaction. It is not air-conditioned, it reeks of fishes and meat and as its name suggest, it is always wet. But this is also the place where you get to know your neighbours better, where you interact with people of different races and where you have breakfast as a family or with your neighbours after your weekly grocery shopping. This is where the heartbeat of Singapore is and where the community spirit is, not at the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands or along the highly glitz Orchard Road.

  6. My (tropical) university.

  7. Just a library with a view.

    I apologise for my absence, again. Right now, I am having my final examinations for the semester that will be ending on the 8th of May. I’ll get right back at shooting more films once I am done with this period. Wish me luck!

  8. This tree reminds me a lot about life in this universe. 
    How life originates from a single source but it transcends time and transverse space.
    How it branch out to every single one of us.
    But the further away we go, the weaker our link gets.
    Always remember your roots, for that is where your strength lies in.

  9. Closing in on me, suffocating.


  10. I will be heading to Bangkok for a couple of days in May. Do drop me a message if you could show me around. (It will be great if a fellow photographer can show me the best places to shoot at too.)

  11. The back alleys of the 70s and the high rise of the present day.

    In only 710 kilometre square piece of land, Singapore is much smaller that other city states such as New York City. Lack of readily available land makes the preservation of historical sites and buildings all the more challenging.

    Nikion FM2 | Fuji Provia 100f | Tiong Bahru

  12. The withering plants are like our lives;
    The pots are like our desires.
    Sometimes it traps us more than it makes us grow.
    Funny how the things that are supposed to support us are the things that make us wither.

    Nikion FM2 | Fuji Provia 100f | Tiong Bahru

  13. The Garbage Man.

    I have an interest on the unfortunate people who fell through the cracks within our society. I shall explore this subject further in the future.

    Nikion FM2 | Fuji Provia 100f | Tiong Bahru

    (Source: ardenteyes)

  14. Accidents do happen in film photography.

    A couple of months back, I had shot this film in LC-A+ but after a few shots, I decided to take it out and roll it back for future use. I can’t remember the reason why I did so at that point in time though. And as it turned out, I forgot that I had already used this film when I thought it was a fresh film out of my film box. So, here you have a truly accidental double exposure.

    Nikion FM2 | Fuji Provia 100f | Tiong Bahru

  15. My university.

    Before I snap it on film, I will shoot it with my phone first to be sure of how exactly I want it to be seen on film.